Immobilizer Reprogramming

E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. will generate working transponder keys for your existing engine Immobilizer Control Unit (ICU) or Engine Control Unit (ECU), eliminating the high cost of replacing these expensive components at a dealership or repair shop.

There is no need to resync or program the new keys as they will already be programmed with your car's ICU.

Unlike other auto locksmiths that may offer a similar service called an ECU reflash, ICU reflash, or immobilizer reflash, we program and test the transponder keys to the engine immobilizer before it leaves the shop. A reflash returns the engine immobilizer into a new state, which requires relearning and resynchronizing at the vehicle, this is sometimes called virginizing. With our engine immobilizer service, you do not need to program, or re-sync the engine immobilizer to the vehicle. No need for cycling keys, opening and closing doors, jumping pins, having a locksmith or mechanic come to the vehicle to register the system. Simply reinstall the ECU/ICU, hook up the battery, and you're set. It's that E-Z!

How it works:

Step 1:
Disconnect the vehicle battery, remove the ICU (Immobilizer control unit) from your vehicle.

If you select to have the keys cut by us, we also require the vehicle's key code, a mechanical sample, or the original passenger door lock cylinder (most models)

Note: If your passenger door lock is not an original lock or does not match with your ignition or other door lock cylinders, please contact us prior to purchase - i.e. The vehicle came from the manufacturer with one key that fit all locks, if the same key did not work on all locks of the vehicle, please contact us first. (The passenger door lock cylinder may not be required if you already know the vehicle's key code or have a working non-transponder key, please contact us for additional information)

Step 2:
Ship to:
PO BOX 916

Graham, WA 98338

Please include in the package:

1. The vehicle ECU/Immobilizer and key information as described above. 

2. A copy of your invoice. 

3. A copy of the vehicle's registration

4. A copy of your photo ID. The photo ID AND name on your invoice MUST MATCH the owner's information on the registration. Repair shops can send a copy of their business license and work order in lieu of photo ID. The customer name on the work order MUST MATCH the vehicle owner's registration. 

Please track and insure your item for total replacement cost when you send it to us.

All vehicles serviced are crosschecked with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). 


Your keys and ICU are returned to you already programmed. Reinstall the ICU and door lock cylinder (if removed), connect the battery, and that's it. It's that E-Z!

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These services are offered as a key replacement service only for vehicles that have no other malfunctions. If the vehicle will not start for any other condition we recommend you contact a qualified mechanic. These services require the actual ICU from the vehicle, a used or new replacement ICU requires a different process, if you are replacing the vehicle's ICU, please contact us prior to the purchasing.

Proof of vehicle ownership is required for ALL immobilizer services. By purchasing any immobilizer service, you agree to the following conditions:

Authorization for Immobilizer Service
By purchasing through our website, you hereby authorize E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. and/or its assigned agents to perform an electronic procedure on the Engine Control Module or Immobilizer Control Module  (ECM/ICM). You also certify that you have the authority to order the lock, key and/or security work performed. Further, you agree to absolve E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. and/or it's agents from any and all claims arising from the performance of the work.

E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. does not warrant any circuitry in the ECM/ICM supplied to us. No liabilities for any use of the modified ECM/ICM are assumed whatsoever for any costs, claims, or damages filed for or caused by correct or incorrect use of the modified ECM/ICM. The service provided is for replacing lost keys to a fully functional vehicle. If the vehicle is not fully functional, complications may arise. E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. shall not be held liable for any necessary diagnosis and/or necessary repairs to the vehicle whether related or not. E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. cannot and is not responsible for any type of damage, intentional or otherwise, caused by the use of the modified ECM/ICM. E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc., is not responsible for any type of harm, whether physical or otherwise, to the car dealer, parts supplier, locksmith or their customers due to correct or incorrect use of the modified ECM/ICM.