Isuzu Rodeo immobilizer key programming. Isuzu Axiom Immobilizer key programming. 8972447590, 8973773230

Isuzu PIN retrieval and Lost Key Service 

for immobilizer equipped 2003-2004 Isuzu Rodeo and Axiom.

Our PIN Retrieval and Key Programming service is for working models ONLY. We do not syncronize or service replacement components. We provide only a lost key service and immobilizer PIN retrieval for the original ICU. Contact for PCM or immobilizer reprogramming.


This service requires you to send us the vehicle's existing immobilizer for service.


Lost keys?  Send us the immobilizer box and the door lock, key code, or mechanical key*. We will cut and program the keys for you. Select the "with keys programmed" option to add up to 2 programmed keys. Programmed keys require no additional diagnostic equipment. Key cutting requires key code, an existing key, or original passenger door lock.*

Typical turnaround time is 2 business days after receiving the immobilizer box.


ICU Location The Isuzu Rodeo/Axiom ICU is located under the dash, to the right of the steering column, above the gas pedal. It is a gray box and has "GM" and "Delphi" on the label. One 10mm bolt holds the plastic box in place. The bolt is at the top and can be a little tricky to get to. Use a 10mm socket on a 1/4" driver rachet to lossen the bolt. Once loose, you can usually fit your hand up there to remove the bolt. See picture for an example Isuzu immobilizer.

 Common part numbers are (not a complete list): 8972447590, 8973773230

2004 Axiom shown


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PIN ONLY, No Keys: Select this option if you only need the Immobilizer PIN code extracted from the immobilizer box. A programming PIN number and diagnostic equipment are required to program keys to transponder equipped Isuzu Rodeo and Axiom models. If the PIN number is not available, or has been changed from it's OEM number, this service can be used to retreive the PIN number directly from the Isuzu Rodeo/Axiom immobilizer box. 

With keys programmed: Select this option if you would like us to program keys to the immobilizer box. We will program up to two keys and provide you with the immobilizer PIN code for future use.

Cut Keys: If you would like us to cut the keys, a key code, working mechanical key, or door lock must be sent to us with the immobilizer*.


More Details:

 *Original passenger door lock (if equipped, or driver's door lock if not) and ignition must match. If the vehicle's passenger door lock or ignition has been changed, then a key code or working key for the ignition is required.

E-Z Key Locksmith, Inc. will generate working transponder keys for your existing engine Immobilizer Control Unit (ICU), eliminating the high cost of replacing these expensive components at a dealership or repair shop. There are no more Isuzu dealerships in the U.S. which creates further complication.

There is no need to resync or program the new keys as they will already be programmed with your car's ICU.

All models MUST be anti-theft/immobilizer equipped by the manufacturer, some models listed were offered as transponder optional by Isuzu. This service is only available for transponder/anti-theft equipped vehicles.

The keys supplied are transponder keys that do not contain keyless entry remotes. Remotes may be purchased seperately.

This service is offered as a key replacement service only for vehicles that have no other malfunctions. If the vehicle will not start for any other condition we recommend you contact a qualified mechanic. This service requires the actual Immobilizer from the vehicle, a used or new replacement immobilizer requires a different process, if you are replacing the vehicle's ECU or immobilizer, please contact a local repair shop that has the proper equipment (TECH2 w/ Isuzu Card and TIS subscription are required when replacing the ICU). Alternatively, offers PCM reprogramming.

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  • Manufacturer: Isuzu

Isuzu Rodeo and Axiom PIN with key programming

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